ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary booklet.

It’s been a busy few days here and haven’t had much time for gaming despite having a nice and silent-ish iCade. However, I didn’t miss the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum the other day and managed get a few old tape games running on my 16k to mark the occasion and a new dollop of Blu-tak for the Ram pack ūüôā

The internet has seen a whole bucket load of ZX based¬†articles¬†and it’s been a real blast to read them and see, even after 30 years, the continuing passion for Uncle Clive’s little black box.

Alot of these are wrapped up around the  World of Spectrum website which must have a received staggering number of visitors of late as their usually stable FTP servers seem to be taking a hammering.  Things seemed to have quietened down a little today so I was able to grab myself a copy of their 30th Anniversary  Souvenir booklet.


Happy belated Birthday from StiGGy


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