Indie Gaming: Rambo – Last Blood

If you want a quick laugh with a sprinkle of chocolate chip pixels , you must check out this little flash game – Rambo:Last Blood.

Here be Rambo, mighty warrior, ready to don headband and take down anyone that looks like they’re up to no good. Move left and right via cursor keys and Spacebar to interact. Go on, fire off a few million rounds.

Years and years of gunfire,  loud explosions and a severe ear thumping from Creed, Lang and/or Draco has left our hero a little deaf. Even in the jungle you have to look both ways before stepping out…especially if said jungle happens to have a local bus service.

Oh dear…our hero is dead and goes up to meet the great Colonel in the sky.

To enter through the gates and into Valhalla (where apparently there’s plenty of womenfolk and good lobster eating) you have to make peace with the ghosts of those that you have slain….by way of….erm… a mighty hug………..ok?

Your first victim, blow him to smither….no wait, resist the urge, wait until he gets close and give him a hug…aaaahhh!

the action zooms in, so hit the spacebar when the opponent is near.

and so the quest begins. It’s a short one but full of laughs when you figure out how to complete a level. Loving the ‘Ghost’ pottery level and this one below.

If there’s something strange….. in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call?’

Well, I  hope you remembered the number?

Are you ready to take up the challenge and enjoy an eternity of  Lobsterfest n stuff?  Give it a try at –


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