Amiga Lore – Hunter

Amiga Lore have published a cracking article on one of my favourite Amiga Games – Hunter. It provides and in depth look at the game, info about all of the elements contained within and a rather interesting interview with the games creator.

Amiga Lore – Hunter

Hunter was such a landmark game for me and is burned in my gaming history because it was one of the first realistic open ended sandbox games I’d played…and I’d guess, is the same for many gamers of the time? Ok so we have had the mighty Elite or Mercenary before this, but Hunter just looked so damn good and set in a semi-realistic and believable world with humans, tanks, boats and cars….and erm..the Grim Reaper.

Hunter was sorta Grand Theft Auto 3, but ten years earlier.

Which one do I take on the congestive commute to work?



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