Moon Cresta – ZX Spectrum

If i had to pick only a handful of classic arcade games who sounds effects immeditately takes me back to the arcade halls of the eighties, then Moon Cresta would surely be included for it’s familar intro ditty and Space Invader-esq bullet effects.

On the humble ZX Spectrum, these familar effects are somewhat restricted and nowhere as memorable as its arcade parent – although they do emit those classic early Sinclair mono, baseless sounds.

ZX Loading screen.


So if the sounds aren’t there, what’s left then?…well, how about one hellava great old school shooter that’ll keep you bashing a way up the high score table. Incentive Software really have done a stirling job creating this faithful port included most of the elements from the game including the ship docking bonus sequence. Both keys, joys and take in turns 2-up modes are available.

Sinclair User magazine didn’t score it very well due to the fact that by 1985, games like Moon Cresta where looking a bit dated and games had advanced on the Spectrum at this time. Back then I might have agreed, but today, it’s still remains a great shooter no matter what the age.

The enemy ships in the first two waves are probably the hardest to defeat as they zoom around at random proving difficult to hit. Once you do, they split into Klingon ‘Bird of Prey-esq’ ships and swoop down to destroy. Watch your back here as a ship might appear to be off the screen at the bottom but might pop up again for a dirty cheap shot.


After four waves, you get to try the docking bonus for increased score and firepower. This is one tough cookie to pull off and much much harder than the arcade original. Kudos if you can do it.


D’oh, didn’t make it (again). Loose a ship and the next has more firepower, but is larger and less agile. Tactics win!

Outside of Mame, the chances of getting to play on an original cabinet these days are pretty slim (if you own one I’m not jealous at all 🙂 ) but Moon Cresta was ported to many home computers so finding a copy shouldn’t difficult.


2 responses to “Moon Cresta – ZX Spectrum

  1. Great little game, I remember it well. I think I fed almost as many 10p’s to that machine as I did to Star Force (my fave arcade shooter – ever!)

  2. Yeah Star Force is a cracking game too, it gets a lot of play via our bartop cabinet by folk at the Retro Computer Museum.

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