Sanwa push button in iCade?

Whilst on holidays a few weeks back I had the opportunity to go visit my mate JT and sample some of his games via his rather nice Capcom Impress cabinet.


JT’s impressive collection of Capcom boards including the highly impressive Pro Gear.


I can see why people love Sanwa arcade buttons, they’re perfect for schmups and high action games that requiring multiple rapid contacts. A set of these would be great in my iCade!

Remembering that JT has kindly given me a couple of buttons to test, I’ve once again taken my iCade apart for a poke around inside and to see if it’s possible to swap out the stock buttons. I’ve tried with Happs microswitches which, despite being quieter, are but still quite ‘Clicky’

<see previous blog post – >


Here’s the two Sanwa Snap-in buttons.


Bugger! They don’t fit. These buttons are 29.5mm wide whereas the iCade button holes are 28mm. I could make them fit using my Dremel to sand out the holes but before I go down that route I want to see if there’s any thing else that’s suitable first.

Maybe should have read this before undoing the ga-zillion iCade screws 🙂


6 responses to “Sanwa push button in iCade?

  1. Bugger!
    Im not sure Sanwa or even Seimitsu make 28mm diameter buttons, not in those type switches anyway.
    24 and 30 (29.4) are the standard for the SEGA New Astro City.
    The old ‘woody’ cabs, etc however seem to use 28mm.
    I love those Sanwa buttons and would definately change to them for shmups. I do find though that they are VERY sensitive and an accidental button press is very likely. Some games are forgiving, other not.

  2. I think I might have sourced some alternatives from Ultrarc..leaf switch too. Also, awaiting response from Gremlin Solutions. If not, might break out the Dremel.

  3. oh, and what a s**t hole my garage is!
    even more so now. How many parts would you think a vectrex breaks down into?

    Too many

  4. Yeah sorry, was trying to crop the picture. Besides, a geek lair isn’t supposed to be tidy 🙂

    Still having fun with your Vectrex then? I hope you’re wearing rubber gloves. If you do manage to fix it, you got yourself a flipping bargain with that one.

  5. Hehe, just imagining all those Vectrex bits laid out on the floor and then you realise you actually disassembled mine by mistake 🙂

    All together now ‘Oh the modulator connects to the tube thing, the tube thing connects to capacity, the capacity connects to the….BANG!’

  6. It’s definitely the right one. There is just little screws everywhere and it all needs to be desoldered from each other. Madness I tells ya but not as mad as this crazy Japanese capcom propaganda I’ve unearthed from the geek lair. Very colourful and crazy. Wonder if it’s worth anything.

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