They came from Verminest – Indie PC gaming

With a title like this, you can’t help yourself saying it in the style of the 50’s B-Movie announcer. Go on, do it again, it’s fun!

THEY CAME FROM VERMINEST! <da da daaaaaaaah!>

Cue spooky space music…in fact, why do all classic Sci-Fi films from this era always have  ghostly wailing whenever there’s a scene in outer space? I thought that ‘in space no one can hear you scream’?

THEY CAME FROM VERMINEST! Is a superb indie game for the PC and is a gallery shooter in the style of Galaga with a hint of Space Invaders, Frogger, Centipede and a whole host of other games from the early 80’s.

However with THEY CAME FROM VERMINEST, the author, Locomalito have given the game a classic black and white 50’s B movie makeover that works absolutely brilliantly and also reminiscent of those early colourless, high contrast games in the arcade and early home consoles. One of the main reasons why I love my MB Vectrex.

Completing the B-movie style, there’s two additional filters than can be applied. The first add a flickery cinema projector overlay complete with splotches and vertical  lines and the second is just superb


The presentation doesn’t stop there though as the author has gone to great lenghts to get you in the B movie spirit by offering downloadable content such as theatrical style teaser, trailer and release  posters….

…. trading cards, game manual, CD label and DVD cover as well the ‘making of the trailer’  which you just have to see. Locomalito and co. have really gone to town on the presentation.

So before you head on over to download or purchase your own copy, here’s the official trailer to get you in the mood..cue spooky space music please!


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