Mr Bounce – casual Flash/iOS gaming.

Whilst shifting a ton of data from one server to the other, I now  have a little downtime and so have been enjoying the simple delights of this Breakout clone via  Google Chrome (and i see there’s and iOS port too…to the app store!)

Like Breakout/Arkanoid/Batty etc, the object is to the bounce the ball into the objects above.  However, Mr Bounce adds a novel twist  by allowing you to adjust the height of the bounce and also gives you a preview of your ball trajectory to help aiming . This might seem like it’s  easier than Breakout but believe me, you’ll need a little help later on as those ‘bricks’ don’t stay static for long!….oh and there’s a strict time limit.

Add in a limited slow-mo feature to help clear the faster moving bricks and a funky 8-bit chip tune to complement the game with ‘pong’ style blips, makes for one fun but short lived casual game. Highly recommended.



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