Abbobo’s Big Adventure – Joypad Elite

Now this is one hellava great game!

Abbobo’s Big Adventure – The Ultimate Tribute to the NES

You remember Abbobo right? That ‘over arm throwing, have you seen my green brother’ brute from Double Dragon? Well, his son has been captured and he’s non to happy about it so off you go on a rampage rescue mission through eight NES themed levels to smite all that stand in your way. You’ll meet a whole host of characters from classic NES games and get to pound them to the ground. Cannon your way through lines of thugs from Kung Fu Master, kick Goompa’s where it hurts, take out Little Mac from Punch-Out and prod Dig-Dug with your Zelda style sword until it hurts. Will you eat the mermaid or…erm hmm, mate with it?

Add in a whole bucket of comedy with enough pixalised gore to make Nintendo and Mario faint and you’ve got one of the finest Flash games and the ‘Ultimate Tribute to the NES’. It’s like all your favorite NES games wrapped up in one!

As i’m playing a NES inspired game, I thought it would be fitting to play it using an emulated NES controller thanks to my iPhone and the JoyPad Elite app. Go Abbobo!

Hehe, with a name like Gavin, it’s no wonder he calls himself Mr Big instead 😉


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