Retro Gamer Magazine 101


The weekly grocery shop, you either love it or loath it. Personally I like it, in fact I insist on doing it myself as have the layout memorised and can get in and out as quick as possible without interference from to many older shoppers, screaming children or the aisle hogs – of course one has to stop and browse the buy one get one free offers from time to time!

Well at our local Morrisons store, shopping has just got that little bit better as the instore magazine department are now stocking Retro Gamer Magazine! Great news as the past four or five years you could only get it at larger WHSmiths stores which require a special trip down to one and rather sharpish too as they never stock that many copies and each month they seem to sell out incredibly fast. I must live in a retro gaming postcode!

Of course you can subscribe to the magazine but our postie is rather heavy handed and I really don’t want to read a shredded copy of the mag. eBay, maybe…but only if I miss and issue as prices can be ridiculous sometimes.

Any-ho, It’s another milestone for the RG team with issue 101! As you can see, this months edition has a classic Bob Wakelin cover from The Great Escape game to tie in with this months the bumper article- Behind the scences of one of the UK’s biggest publishing Houses – Ocean Software.

I’ve only had a brief flick through this evening, but it’s looking like yet again, another great dollop of the retro good stuff. My attention also goes to the back page and a glimpse at next weeks articles… particularly – Lucasarts X-Wing ;.





2 responses to “Retro Gamer Magazine 101

  1. …and I must finish off the c64 type-in game. Have all entered but have quite a few errors that need to be corrected.

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