Well done Commodore

After much anticipation Commodore have finally announced the release of their latest machines and it’s a big thumbs up to them as its so nice to see the Commodore and Amiga logo on computer cases again. Would I buy one…erm, sadly not. As nice as they are, they’re not exactly competitively priced despite the high specs of the top range Amiga.

…still, those Amiga mini cases look sooooo good! I’m a big fan of mini ITX cases, our own HTPC is encased in one and have always had a soft spot for the Apple Mac mini. Maybe if Commodore lowered their price a little, I’d buy a barebones?

Hopefully, they’ll be a few unboxing videos appear on YouTube sometime soon.

Are you planning on getting one?


Commodore USA


5 responses to “Well done Commodore

  1. Gotta agree, those cases are nice, take a look at the Wesena and Habey cases too, they look very similar.

  2. Hey there and thanks for the heads up, they do look similar don’t they and quite reasonably priced too…hmmmm šŸ˜‰

  3. I think you are being a little sensitive. The amiga comes with a bluray slot load and multiple usb 3.o not many computers today have even done that in their full size machines. I think its a great deal.

  4. Great specs, but comparative to brown box component prices, it’s still expensive…although I hear that Commodore were gratuitous enough to meet customer demand and have lowered the pricing…thumbs up again Commodore.

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