Juno First – Atari 2600


I found this on the Atari Age website the other day in the 2600 homebrew section – It’s a port of the arcade grid shooter – Juno First

Juno First is a vertical shooter much like the classic galleries games like Galaxians or Space Invaders. However, your ship can move both up and down rather than restricted to left & right and offers a much faster and frantic pace similar to Defender than the slow build up of Space Invaders.


Although a popular game back in the day, I personally only ever saw one arcade cabinet..one i might add that was played quite extensively one hot saturday afternoon and the next week it was no longer there.

This homebrew port, although looking very much like Beam Rider (which is no bad thing as it happens to be one of my favorite 2600 shooters) is very faithful to the arcade original given it’s limited resources and is a credit to the programmer for providing the same sense of speed and flicker free gameplay.

I’m guessing as it was released a few years ago there’s no way of ordering an actual cartridge but if you’re lucky enough to have a Harmony Cartridge  go check it out here –


If not, Stella is the way to go it plays wonderfully with a mouse…in fact, it beats the Atari Joystick any day.






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