Vector Stunt (Flash Gaming)

Whilst taking a break from editing holiday photos, I got caught up with this rather funky looking vector based game i found on the Chrome web store (or you can play it via any flash compatible browser).

It’s called Vector Stunt and the idea is to complete a circuit and score points by collecting pick ups on the track and performing stunts as your craft leaps off the approaching ramps. You gain extra points by linking jumps together so it pays to aim for the next ramp as your craft begins to descend. You can also time a jump to land on the side ramps to increase your points too.

A simple game that looks good, plays good and sounds amazing thanks to the ability to import and playback your own mp3 music whilst playing. The level finishes when the music stops and you can compare your scores with others players/music track selection. Thumbs up!

Here’s a short video i’ve shot and as it’s a Tron-esque looking game, it seemed fitting to have a suitable soundtrack (also recommend a bit of ACDC too!)

Oh…and I really should spell check….what the flip is a muliplier ? 🙂




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