iPad 3 initial thoughts.

Today’s announcement from Apple regarding the specs of the new iPad (New iPad, iPad 3, iPadHD, iiiPad, ic64pad…or whatever they want to call it) seem to me like its a worthy successor.

The main draw will be that lovely new retina display at twice the resolution of the iPad 2, coupled with the ability to playback 1080 video…although how this will actually look when streamed over 54g wireless.

Games and software that will take advantage of this new resolutions should look outstanding especially as they’ll be running on the new quad core CPU. With this increase in resolution it will be interesting to see how iPhone apps scale when run in x2 mode.

To some, the inclusion of an upgraded still and video camera might be a huge incentive to upgrade but for me, who doesn’t use either of these on my iPad2, it not a major bonus. Even though tablets are great, they’re no exactly a great form factor for using as a camera. Give me an upgraded camera on my iPhone and I’ll definitely be interested.

Faster 4g connection. Meh.

iCloud to support video..I’m hoping this includes video you’ve shot yourself or is it just iTunes movies/TV shows? As a new iPad iMovie user, hoping its the former.

iCloud, NAS or whatever online storage you might use, I still like to keep certain files on my iPad and so i’m a bit gutted that they haven’t increased the storage capacity on the ipad 3 and continue to retain the 16,32 & 64gb models. Surely this would have been an easy upgrade to implement?

Voice recognition..woo, I could talk to post my blog instead of typing. Want!

So yeah, iPad 3 appears to have some great features overall. I guess it’s down to the individual but I’ll certainly be giving one a test drive when they’re released. Does it warrant an upgrade from iPad2…hmm, not sure.


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