Retro Gamer Magazine #100


Well they’ve done it, congratulations to the Retro Gamer magazine crew on their milestone 100th issue and what a bumper issue it is too.Not only is one of the best issues to date, but they’ve only gone and included a reprint of the very first issue of Retro Gamer 😮

I’m loving the nod to Sgt Pepper on this months cover made using character sprites from a host of vintage games. Apparently there’s about 60 of them here and thus a competition to see if you can name them all. So far there’s about five that seem to be eluding me but i’ll get there in the end.

In addition the regular content, there’s interviews and congratulation messages from developers, artists and musicians of yesteryear including the likes of Bob Wakelin, Archer Mclean, Al Acron, Trip Hawkins.

Interviews with Mark Jones (Ocean GFX artist) who recently helped create Dingo on the ZX Spectrum, Ralph Baer (creator of the first games console) & C64 coder Andrew Braybrook is in the chair.

There’s a look back at space trading epic – Elite with David Braben and author of the Dark Wheel novella, (see previous post – )

Six page article charting the infamous video games crash of ’82

There’s a great article on the ZX Spectrum 16/48k discussing the hardware and design concepts with the main guys responsible producing Uncle Clives computer for the masses.

Atari 2600 programming tips and hacks from the legendary coder David Crane.

A look back at 100 greatest gaming moments. Mine to follow soon!

Interview with Henk Rogers, the guy who brought us the best ever version of Tetris on the Nintendo Gameboy.

Bumper interview with one of the best C64 musicians ever…Rob Hubbard.

The homebrew section this month contains such a great idea – a brand new game for the Commodore 64 by coder, Jason Kelk. The thing is, you have to type in the code yourself, just like you did all those years ago. Of course, you can download a completed version of the game if you can’t be bothered with all that typing (especially on original C64 keyboard) but where’s the fun in that! – I’m currently prepping my C64 and flexing my fingers….this is gonna hurt 🙂


Retro Gamer magazine just gets better and better and I’ve been avid reader since picking up issue 11 many many years ago (I’ve since gone back and acquired the first ten issues to complete my collection). Ok so some of the content may be have been recycled (please, no more Sonic features) but I’ll always look forward to sitting down with a good cuppa and jolly old read.

Oh..and if you’re a tablet owner, might i suggest the .PDF eLoad collections. It’s a great way of have a digital/portable version of the mags that you can dip into now and again. Collection #3 is out now via the Retro Gamer/Imagine online shop.

Here’s to the next 100 issues RG 🙂


10 responses to “Retro Gamer Magazine #100

  1. hi! I’m waiting for my issue and I think that Retro Gamer is the best magazine that I ever seen…maybe Cu-Amiga is at the same level of quality.
    In Italy we have…NOTHING like this! I want to emigrate… 🙂


  2. Well, I’d love to live in Italy so lets swap 😉

    Hopefully, your copy should arrive soon Max, it’s a great issue. Do you have to wait a long time before its available over there or do you purchase from eBay?

  3. @Stiggy: Italy it’s a dream,I know it… I live in the centre of the Renaissance…
    About Retro Gamer: usually my copy arrives in 4 days/1 week, it’s not a problem. In the past year Cu-Amiga was available directly from the news agents in the centre of the city and it was awesome to travel by bus to buy it.
    I remember every moment…when I bought a copy of Cu and I received a Mortal Kombat 2’s poster…I remember talking with my friend about the game’s demo. Awesome moments.


  4. It’s a great magazine for sure. 🙂 Congratulations must go to them for reaching the 100th issue!

    @Max I also used to read CU Amiga.. really miss that magazine. It had the perfect mix of articles. Whether you wanted to read about games or follow tutorials, CU had it covered. Have you read Amiga Future? That magazine is still being published.

  5. Great isn’t it, especially considering it nearly all ended way back in issue #18

    Here’s to another 100!

  6. @techinsiders

    I truly recommend Amiga Future if you enjoy Amiga stuff. It is well worth the cash. 🙂 It is in full colour and there are articles about everything Amiga, new and old.

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