ZX81 – Red Alert

Fantastic looking box art from this vintage ZX81 game – Red Alert. I found it whilst trawling through a few items on eBay. I’m loving the mock ZX81 keyboard at bottom of the screenshot and as I’ve since found out since,  SoftSync did a few other similar covers. o.k, so they’re not as good as this one but some of them do contain the same keyboard artwork. I might have to look at RCM’s archive the next time I’m down there, as they would be great to see it close up.

Red Alert appear to be some kind of Star Trek/Scramble clone and intrigued by the screenshot I thought i’d track down a copy of the game file and run it via emulation.

Hey, you know what, it’s actually quite a good game! Try playing it with the speed setting set to  number 9 though!

Incidentally,  EightOne is such a great emulator for  a wide range of Sinclair/Timex computer including the early ones like this and the ZX80. I like the way you can inverse the ‘colours’ and mess around with the TV emulation to add noise and ghosting just like the original picture used to look on those old crappy black and white tv’s back in the day. It even emulates the infamous rampack wobble 🙂






2 responses to “ZX81 – Red Alert

  1. Excellent post, I love the ZX81. My first true love in the PC world. Hours and hours of sleepless nights typing in some cool programs, cursing the wobble. I was fortunate enough to have a memotech 16k ram pack and they smartly supplied you with a bit of Velcro to hold it on with – Very happy computing days 🙂

  2. Thanks to a loan of a pimped ZX81 from my mate Jon, have been playing around with one these past few days. I’m falling for this little black box in a big way!

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