Elusive Raspberry Pi

29th of Feb at 6:00am, Raspberry Pi announces the public release of their $35 computer and details how to order.

So like many i set the alarm, woke up this morning, poured myself a strong coffee and waited.

This initial release of only 10,000 units was going to be a fast seller but as i sat there, i hoped i’d be one of the lucky ones to get my mitts on this epic release.

Checking the Raspberry Pi website a few minutes to 6am but the site was down for maintenance. It’s not surprising really as they prepare their servers for the announcement.

Just after 6am the site was up and provided external links to suppliers that were taking orders.

…and clicking on the links, for many, this is probably what they saw.

It was like this for the first hour as i alternated between hitting F5 and reading the Twitter posts on their feed.

Yay, I finally  managed to get on to the RS website albeit it was very slow and seemed to take ages to find the product. Sweating hands with excitement.

Huh?…erm, why can’t i order one now?

There’s a lot of rumours online that RS are now not selling them until next week. At  6:30 the other supplier, Farnell,  has sold out, just adding to peoples frustration.

So..i didn’t managed to get one this morning, did you?

Personally i thought is was rather exciting to try and track down this elusive tech toy…it’s a shame that many were frustrated and started posting angry posts via twitter.

I guess this gives us more time to think about what cool projects we’re going to be using these boards with.


6 responses to “Elusive Raspberry Pi

  1. Hey there – Yes, I’d guess it’s capable of running emulators judging by the fact that it plays HD video and Quake 3 very smoothly even though the specs are low end. Maybe PSX emulation would probably be pushing it but I bet VICE, Mame or indeed a port of WinUAE should run ok?

    Very excited about this bit of tech, I can’t wait to get one.

  2. Oh I’m so on your wave length! Planning on fitting mine into a 48k Speccy as I’ve managed to mod the innards of a rubber USB keyboard to work with the original spectrum rubber keys.

    …but my first (simple) mod will be a nod (and thanks) to the PI designer. Elite-tastic 🙂

  3. Yup, will do..Been planning this since the first announcement of the PI. Was originally going to do this with a NANO-ITX but flippin-eck, they’re not cheap!

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