Stereo Bullet – Indie Gaming

You know, i’m starting to really dig Hideki Kubo’s PC indie games. Rules (see previous post) great but Stereo Bullet is superb!

I’m a sucker for a) Vector based games & b) Games with grids…and for a bonus points, the grid lines have to be old school  green and  glide due to a high fps.  🙂

So, you can see why I became instantly interested in this game when i saw the screenshot.


Stereo Bullet sees you plonked in front of a big ass mother ship that spits out huge patterns of bullets  for you to dodge. It’s actually quite a good training aid for other ‘bullet hell’ games as the included slow motion buttons means you can practise dancing around them.

On it’s own, Stereo Bullet is a great retro looking Schmup, yet despite the intense bullet patterns, it plays very gracefully –  just like the   excellent soundtrack.

….but why the mirrored screen?

Well, this is a Stereoscopic game. Remember those books you used to get as a kid which were full of those ugly repeating patterns and  if you could figure out how to ‘do’ them, they would reveal a 3D image, well this game is just like that.

…and if you can ‘Do’ Sterograms you’re going to love Stereo Bullet as the 3D effect is awesome.

If you can’t do them, get yourself a book sharpish and learn, you won’t be disappointed!



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