Space Invaders – Indie Gaming – Rules

Space Invaders, everyone loves a bit of invader blasting don’t they? Well…to be honest, i’ve often found it to be a bit boring after a few minutes.  Give me something with a bit of variety to shoot at such as Phoenix or Gorf.

Looking through the interweb searching for a good sized picture of a Space Invader I stumbled across a few Space Invader clones for PC.  This one in particular, called ‘Rules’ pretty much looked like any other Space Invaders clone (minus the bases), accept there was something not quite right with your ship. It appeared to be at a funny angle!

Intrigued, download and loaded it on my PC. Sure enough it’s a rather nice Space Invaders clone with great big chunky white pixels…and a rather funky chip tune to boot but it’s just Space Inv…3..2..1..erm…i don’t remember the ship being able to move forward and fire left & right?….3…2…1 Huh? Space Invader Breakout mashup…3..2..1 what’s going on?…..this is soooo cool!

You see, Rules starts off as a  the standard Space Invaders type game, but then  the ‘Rules’  change and you’ll find that  you can fire diagonally or the floor is deadly, or the Invader become Breakout blocks or the fire button hops to another key or a complete mashup of whole set of random different rules. Such a novel and refreshing concept for one of the oldest games out there.

Check it out for yourself, it’s bonkers!


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