iOS gaming: SFcave & iCave

I’m still hopeful that someone somewhere might be able to help me track down a copy of VeCave for the MB Vectrex or indeed for emulation via ParaJVE (see previous post – ) but until then I thought I’d have a look around Apple app store to see if there’s anything that’s similar.

The first is iCave which pretty o.k. It runs lot faster than the Vectrex version but then maybe the Vectrex homebrew version is in fact a lot slower compared to the original Palm OS/Windows 3.1 original? The turning arc of your worm is very quick and so keeping it level is quite challenging as you navigate your way down the cave tunnel and around the block obstacles. Touch screen control works really well here.


iCave also let’s you change the colours of the cave terrain, worm and obstacles via three RGB sliders found in the options menu. Bight orange, pink and yellow anyone?

O.k, it’s doesn’t have that intense phosphor glow you get with the Vectrex, but it looks pretty close? No?…no, didn’t think so too 🙂


The second game is called SFcave.

Here, your worm’s turning speed isn’t so quick and with rapid touches, it fairly easy to keep it in a straight line. This means it doesn’t quiet play the same as VeCave but compared to iCave, this is much more fun to play….especially during moments when there’s hardly any room between cave roof and floor. One of those games that makes you think ‘how the hell did I make it through there!’


SFcave also offers a selection of level enhancements such as moving obstacles and playing a level in reverse. Unlike iCave, SFCave is free app, although you have to purchase the rather bizarre looking 3D 1st person version.

Red 5 standing by!


I’m also on he hunt for other homebrew versions and clones of SFcave for PC or older computers. I’v found a rather cool looking 2008 version for the Commodore c64 and also this video from a PC w.i.p project. Sadly, it’s an old video with no further updates therefore I’m not sure if it was ever finished?

Of course, there’s always the immensely popular Jetpack Joyride which is loosely based on SFcave mechanics. Such a great game that gets better each time you play.


Does anyone out there have any recommendations? – especially for the ZX Spectrum?


2 responses to “iOS gaming: SFcave & iCave

  1. SF Cave was the original version made by Sunflat for the Palm OS many years ago. The original Palm version of SF Cave is by far the most addicting if the version I have played. The vectrex version seems like a well made remake of the original. To bad it’s rare and super expensive.

  2. Yes I remember playing the original SFcave – very addictive as you say….and yes, incredibly sad that most folk won’t ever get the chance to play the awesomeness VeCave on the Vectrex. Then again, there seems to be a huge spurt in tech demos, homebrew games being developed and released on the Vectrex just lately and I wonder if, judging by the popularity of similar one button games like Flappy Bird, we might actually see a remake of a remake that is close to VeCave…or indeed SFcave.

    Here’s hoping.

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