iOS Gaming: Another World


Like all good computer games, modern or old, there comes along something that just bowls you over the first time you experience it and you’ll forever remember those ‘wow’ moments. Growing up and in my late teens, the Commodore Amiga was my tech weapon of choice and of all the machines I’ve owned, it’s this one that continued to produced so many of those wow moments.

Here’s just a few of the many gaming moments.

First ever Amiga game I ever saw/played was Defender of the Crown. Compared to previous years of having only 16 colours with the Commodore 64 this was just insanely beautiful.

Operation Wolf – First digitised speech in a game that i heard that was a) audible and b) was more than a few words (excluding Mission Impossible on the C64 of course!).

Intro Music – Xenon II. I stayed in the computer shop until it closed that day just to listen to this over again. I still get goosebumps whenever I hear Megablast 🙂

Intro to Another big WOW….thunk, pick myself up again..WOW!

It’s hard to believe Another World is twenty years old…it only seems like yesterday! To celebrate the anniversary, Eric Chanti’s Another World is back, having been given a lick of high-res paint and rereleased onto iOS devices. It came out a a few months back and has been on my ever growing shopping list of every apps to purchase.

Surely the best game intro of it’s time?


Surely the coolest looking PC ever?

Thankfully, this revision hadn’t been altered or messed around with other than a facelift and remains true the original. Even better, the old chunky low res graphics are available too and can be swapped between both new and old modes whenever you wish.

High Res mode –


Original Low Res mode –


There’s two control methods, either swipe gestures (which I personally think is horrendous) or virtual d-pad/button which works surprisingly well. I’d had a feeling that even though Another World looked great it would be unplayable if the transformation to touch screen was implemented incorrectly. Well done dev guys, the d-pad works perfectly.

Even this tricky….shoot, run like hell or take a shower, jump, jump, jump moment is easy on the d-pad


Handy dandy level selection mode.


Now, if I’d not played Another World before or remove my rose tinted glasses for a moment here, then I’d say that Another World is a pretty average game. I mean, it’s no Flashback for example. However, for me and those Amiga fans out there that simply forgot how to breath the first time they say this running then you NEED to treat yourself to this app.

….or else 🙂


Now I’m pretty sure I’ve still got the original Amiga floppies somewhere…mental note to look for them this weekend.


2 responses to “iOS Gaming: Another World

  1. Must check out the console versions someday, wasn’t there a updated version for the 3DO?….to the Google!

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