For Jason S – Labyrinth via c64 (ios) emulation.

Hi Jason, I’ve a go at trying to get Activision’s Labyrinth to run under emulation on my iPad with a certain amount of success.

The problem I have is that there are two .d64 images at part of the game file. Each .d64 image represents side A and side B of the original floppy disk. I’m not sure if Manomio’s C64 emulator supports disk swapping so I will need to investigate this a little further…or locate/produce a .tap image.

Using Side A.d64 I’ve created a plist file and imported/resized the cover art and copied over to my iPad.

So far so good.


Trying to load the image and……hmm…file not found.


I’ve seen this before and its something to do with the first .prg file contained within the .d64 image is not named as the file in the what’s in the config file.

So, to get around this, I usually load the game manually by typing the game file name….or at least the first few letters and add the ‘*’ switch.

For example I’ve typed – LOAD “lab*” ,8,1
Then typed – RUN


Yay, it loads.


However, with no way of swapping the disk to the other image, the emulator can’t complete the load 😦

That’s about as far as I’ve got with it so far. Will seek guidance from the forums to see if anyone can shed any light on the problem.


2 responses to “For Jason S – Labyrinth via c64 (ios) emulation.

  1. Darn! It is like going to Rome… there are many ways, but I tend to end up on stiggys blog, no matter what I am looking for in terms of iOS and C64. 😉 Did anyone come up with a solution to this problem? I really was looking for playing it on my iPad. Looking through manominos blog I found this or version 1.7 under Control improvements….

    File-based disk support for multi-disk games. Does not work for those games requiring true 1541 support
    Means there is no ‘virtual’ swapping of disks.

    AFAIK we are on 2.x or so…

  2. I’ve not really looked into disk swapping myself, i usually see if i can source a .d81 image instead.

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