Retro Gaming with an iOS app – Joypad

It’s been out for a while now but thought i’d check out the iOS app called Joypad which converts your iPhone/iPad into a wireless controller.


Pretty cool i thought, especially with the ability to purchase retro controller skins within the app. Sadly, native game support via the Apple app store is very limited at the moment and so when i looked at this a few months back I’d dismissed it because i thought it would work with any game app and sadly this wasn’t the case. However, what i didn’t realise at the time was that there’s also a free PC client that you can install on your PC/laptop and use it with any PC game that supports remapped controls – that’ll be pretty much all of them then….including emulators 🙂

Joypad is a free app but by default you only get access to this pretty uninspiring controller skin.


…head over to the shop to pimp your controller with some classic controller skins (or buy the ‘Elite’ edition which includes all retro skins)

Nintendo Gameboy


Classic Nintendo Famicom.


Nintendo SNES (shame they’ve not got the more colourful european pad).


Sega Master System.


There’s also skins for the N64, and Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

…and Gameboy Advance


I thought i have a go with the PC client and a giant Master System controller 🙂


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