C64 Homebrew – Quod Init Exit.

This fun little homebrew game has been out for a couple of years now and have to admit, has not crossed my scope until I was reading about it in a post about another similar release at CSDB

Quod Init Exit

Apparently the title is in Latin and it roughly translates as ‘what goes in, come out’

Loading screen.

Well my first thought of the day is….’is it the weekend yet?’ but the answer to the above is ‘Food’

You’re a pig, well not you personally, but the character you play in the game…..and he’s just awoke and he’s hungry.

The first thing that strikes you about Quod Init Exit is how great it looks. Surely this is something from a 16 bit console rather than the humble C64? The SID track is very lively and perfectly matches the fast paced nature of the game.

..but what of the game?

As i said, you’re a hungry pig and so the object of the game is to simply eat, eat and eat, until your stomach is full (depicted by the food meter at the bottom of the screen). Food items scroll left and right at various speeds on each of the four levels. You can jump up anywhere to reach a level above you but to reach the level below you need to run along until you find a gap in the ground.

If you don’t eat enough by the time the counter reaches zero, then it’s curtains for you pig and probably will be tomorrows pork chops. Most of the items are tasty treats but there’s the odd bottle of ; which will increase your hunger even more.

Poor pig…game over man.

If you do managed fill your belly, then as the game title dictates, what goes in, must come out and your pig will need the loo..quickly.

Thankfully, there happens to be a ‘flying lavatory service & co.’ operating in your area and if you’re quick enough to catch one of the pristine white ‘vehicles’ you can hitch a ride and…well you can probably guess the rest 😉

See the loo and it’s a quick dash up or down the levels to catch it.

If you don’t reach the loo in time it’s game over and all too embarrassing moment for your pig.

It’s a bizarre concept for a game but it plays like a dream as you scoff your way through each colourful level depicting dawn, noon, and evening. There’s not many games that make you roll about laughing when it’s game over so check it out –



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