Retro Gaming: Lunar Rescue – Arcade

Lunar Rescue – Taito.

Here’s a classic game from way back in 1979 that’s been on the top of my play list just lately.

It seems that your fellow astronauts have become somewhat stranded on the surface of the moon and it’s your mission to go rescue them.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this particular moon has it’s own local asteroid belt and so it’s going to be a tricky descent down the the surface. ‘Collision’ is not an option here people 🙂


You’ve got a limited amount of fuel onboard so go easy on the manuvering jets as you steer your way to one of the three landing platforms below. Each are numbered to reflect the score you’ll receive upon a safe landing, the trickier ones providing the higher points of course.

On touchdown, one of downed astronauts will want to hitch a lift back with you to your mothership obiting high above the moons surface.

..but wait what’s this? Those asteroids are actually alien invaders in disguise! The sneaky buggers. Better fire up your guns and blast a clear path before those alien lasers hit you. If you make it through unscathed, aim your craft towards your Mothership who will open her cargo doors allowing you to dock. With thanks from your passenger, it’s time to head on back down to the surface, you’ve got another five astronauts to rescue.


If Lunar Rescue was a bug budget sci-fi movie, them surely it would be a prequel to Taito’s Space Invaders?

Mashing an arcade shooter with a hint of Lunar Lander is always going to be a hit in my book and this simple yet fun little game is well worth a look via MAME – even if it’s just to hear those wonderfully nostalgic Taito sound FX.

Arcade Flyer


It looks like Lunar Rescue was housed in Taito’s standard cabinet design used in the late 70’s to mid 80’s. I’ve always like this design, but a believe me, they’re flipping heavy to lug about!

Interestingly, the rather excellent cover artwork for a ZX Spectrum clone looks rather familiar, maybe i have this in my collection somewhere…further investigation i think!



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