More iCade game support.

What with all that DariusBurst SP schmup action, finding my Gradius III cartridge and then reading that both Phoenix HD and Shogun:Rise of the Renegade for iOS has been given much needed iCade support, it’s been a schmup-tastic afternoon.

Both Phoenix and Shogun are great via touchscreen but on the iCade they’re superb…and to think, I was concerned that it was just a gimmick device and wouldn’t get much use 🙂 add last weekend Air Attack and I’m starting to amass a small collection of iCade shooters.

Rather wobbly video of me playing the rather gorgeous Phoenix HD.

…and Shogun:Rise of the Renegade

I’ve only got the free version from the app store which gives you the first level and a sample of some of the others. It such a great old school bullet hell shooter and for a few quid i think I’ll be purchasing the rest.


2 responses to “More iCade game support.

  1. Hi,

    Love your site. I downloaded Shogun but for some reason I can’t get it to work with my iCade. What are the settings to make it work? Every other game works with my iCade except Shogun.

  2. Hey there, apologise for the lack of response. I’m hoping by now you’ve figured out that there’s an icade option that needs to be enabled in the options screen? Such a great game isn’t it. I’ve since purchased all of the other levels although i’m yet to get past level two!

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