iOS Gaming: DariusBurst SP.

Here’s a top tip, don’t buy any iOS game a few minutes before you retire for the evening. Pretty obvious really, yet I still do it. It’s a good job it’s Sunday today and not a great deal planned (all this snow you see), so I can catchup on some much needed sleep…..after one more go on DariusBurst SP 🙂


Taito’s Darius series of schmups have a long line of successors that can be traced back to arcade days of the 80’s and like the Gradius or R-type series have had many conversions and sequels released on a whole variety of home consoles.

Outside of the arcade my first experience of a Darius game was on my Commodore Amiga with Darius + but it wasn’t until i played the umpteen releases on a friends imported PC Engine (lucky fella) that i really took notice of the series and whenever there’s been a release on a particular machine i own, i’ve tried to get myself a copy or at least sample it.

So, are Taito and the iPad able to give us the goodies….oh yes…..hell yes.

This release is based on the Sony PSP version of DariusBurst but has a few new elements added including a new ship, remixed levels, music and additional bosses from the arcade version. Only two ship types are available from the start and more become unlockable as you progress.

So how does it play?….Outstanding. I cannot believe that an iPad game can have so much going on, on screen simultaneously, including those famous Darius 3d-esque backdrops and not drop the frame rate or stutter. This thing is soooo smooth and drop dead gorgeous.


Done correctly, touchscreens are great control methods for schmups and once again the iPad’s screen hardware provides pinpoint accuracy and fine control of your ship to get you out of trouble once the bullets start flying. There’s also an autofire toggle to rest your tapping finger if you so wish which is a must for this type of game…or am I just getting to old 🙂

Continuing in Darius fashion, the same three power up level mechanics are here as well so familiar gamers will be right at home. There’s also a burst weapon button which, depending on what craft you’re flying, will unleash a temporary burst of vengeance on your enemies.



The end of level bosses in DariusBurst SP are truly outstanding, especially this one from level A.


Once you’ve defeated a boss it becomes unlockable in the gallery section on the games’s main menu where you can go check them out, bullet free.


The same non-linear levels design is here to, so once you’ve finished one level you can pick from different routes to the end of the game. Think Sega Outrun routing system.


For for iOS game, DariusBurst SP isn’t cheap compared to other releases. But then again, back in the day’s you’d still be paying four times as much for the latest console release. As a fan, i didn’t give it a second thought…it’s a shame that Taito didn’t offer the first level as a free download as i’m guessing the price might but people off and it’ a shame really as this really isn’t a game to be missed.


With the iPad capable of schmups like this, wouldn’t it be great to see rereleases of BorderDown, Ikuragu and Zero Gunner?



Criticism? The music – there’s way to much ‘wailing’ going on for my liking..However, having said that, I’ve not had much sle..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂


2 responses to “iOS Gaming: DariusBurst SP.

  1. I’m going I be picking this one up very soon! Never played on the psp. Just picked up a few weeks ago Rayforce and blissful death amazing I recommend both games if you don’t have them already

  2. Hey there and thanks for the recommendations, I’ll take a look at those. Have fun with Darius..I know you will!

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