More C64 .crt images available

There’s a fantastic link posted on todays ‘Commodore is Awesome’ blog for all you c64 Easy Flash cart users. Sam’s Commodore Site contains a collection of popular C64 tape/Disk game titles that have been converted to .crt format. They can be imported to run on the EasyFlash cartridge or converted to. bin files and burnt to an EEPROM to make your own game cartridges.

The site contains a very nice collection of games here and titles like Silkwork, Forbidden Forrest and Rescue on Fractalus haven’t been played on my c64 for ages.

Here’s the link –


If you want to burn multiple images to the EasyFlash, take a look at Drako Cart Maker to compile your own multicart.


4 responses to “More C64 .crt images available

  1. Hmm, that’s rather odd. I’ll try a few more myself with get back to you.

    Back soon

    Kind regards


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