Retro Gaming: Arctic Shipwreck – Commodore 64



It’s hard to believe this game dates back to 1983, was produced by Commodore and yet isn’t one I’ve ever encountered before. I’d  probably have missed this little gem of a game altogether  if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s forms part of the  game package for Manomio’s Commdore C64 emulator app for IOS devices.

Researching  this game online didn’t bring up much so if anyone has any further information I’d love to hear from you…was this released in cartridge form?

The plot…well it seems a ship has sunk in a storm leaving all the crew and their pet wooley mammoth named ‘Geoff’ stranded in the Arctic. Thankfully a family of  floating icebergs happens to be wandering by so all hands make a beeline for them….probably..again, i have no info about this game so i’ll just have to  make it up as i go along. Besides, Geoff is as good a name as any don’t you I think?

These icebergs are a bit unstable what with all that  Artic crosswind and it threatens to tip the crew over the side and into the icy sea. It’s Geoff to the rescue and you must use your mammoth weight to counterbalance the dipping iceberg long enough to keep the crew safe until the rescue ship arrives.

Go go Geoff. They’ll be saved when the ship on the right reaches the left hand side.

…and if you didn’t have enough troubles, there’s a pesky giant bird (possibly called Gordon) who’s in the area looking for a tasty man sized snack and will carry carry off a crew member (with fries) unless you scare it away.


Arctic Shipwreck is such a simple and fun game that plays very well of the C64 and transfers well to mobile gaming. If only there was a touchscreen or tilt based remake available….unless there already is and i’m missing it?

If you have a compatible web browser, you can also play Artic Shipwreck online at –

Yay, the crew is safe, three cheers for Geoff!





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