iXpectrum on iPad.

After much research, um’ing and ar’ing, more research, a coffee…another coffee and then a walk around the block…i’ve decided to jailbreak my iPad2. Well…actually that was yesterday and because I’m writing this very post on my iPad shows that all went well and I didn’t end up with an iBrick 🙂

I’m still new to all of this Cydia app business and am sure I’ll be pouring over all of those apps that Apple don’t want you to use….although I’ll be staying away from the really iffy ones.

For me, as a retro gamer, emulation is what I really want from my jailbreak whether it’s on my large iPad screen, iCade support or mobile versions of handheld cartridge games I own to play on my iPhone.

There’s so much to choose from and have purchased the SNES and Atari 2600 emulators (currently loving the homebrew port of Berzerk for the 2600).

Some of the emulators are free and the one I’ve been trying out today is the simply amazing ZX Spectrum emulator called iXpectrum.

Having both a Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum emulator my iPad is such a wonderful thing to have to hand, especially if I want to show the latest hombrew releases to my friends at RCM.

Up until now I’ve used ZX Spectaculator for iPad and although you have to mess around quite a bit to import your own games, it has served me welI so far. iXpectrum offers the same emulation functionality but has two key features that ZX Spectaculator doesn’t have. Firstly, iXpectrum emulates 48k, 128k, +2 and +3 Spectrum models and secondly iXpectrum has the ability to import games directly from the World of Spectrum website. No messing around transfering files from PC to iPad, editing config files and control sets, just download, load and play!

Here’s a few screenshots.

Emulation options. You can also set independent options for iPad portrait and landscape modes.


The familiar boot screen.


Testing it out with a few early Spectrum titles.

Moon Alert by Ocean Software and one of my favorite 8-bit home conversions of Moon Buggy



Fullscreen landscape mode with large but unobtrusive controls.


Another favorite that’s been copied and remade so many times – Bomber by Llamasoft.


One of the handful of Homebrew games packaged with the emulator. Albatrossity by very talented Jonathan Cauldwell is a rather excellent puzzle/crazy golf type game. Released only a few years ago, shows that Speccy’s are still fun and much love series of computers.


Search result from the World of Spectrum running within the app, simple click on file link (includes .zip support) to download and import into the emulator. Couldn’t be simpler!

You can even delete games from within the app too.


I’ve only scratched the surface here and can’t wait to try out some of the other features. I’d type more, but I’ve just got Target Renegade to run 🙂

For further information, check out the iXpectrum homepage



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