More JiffyDOS upgrades

Since removing the soldered kernel chip on my Commodore 64c I’ve been attempting, and sadly failing, to remove the residue solder from the chip holes on the PCB which has stopped me from fitting a new IC socket and JiffyDOS rom.

I have JiffyDOS installed in my other breadbin C64 and coupled with the sd2iec interface makes for a fantastic high speed, high capacity storage device. However, i find that the model ‘C’ is a much nicer keyboard to type on during prolonged sessions compared to the original c64 and so with a replacement kernel chip supplied by my friend Jon, it’s an upgrade I’ve been itching to see completed.


Ideally I need to get a better iron and thanks to a visit from Jon and his wonderful gifts I now have an adjustable iron and desolder station. Can’t thank you enough!


Watching a pro at work in my makeshift workshop-kitchen Jon had the old solder removed, IC in and kernel chip prepped.


I also had a JiffyDOS rom for my VC-20 to install but went for the easy option with another VC that has a socketed chip. Here’s both of my VC’s side by side. One socketed, the other soldered.


Jon’s super-duper 28-26 pin adaptor and kernel switch.


Here me giving it a quick test.

Just got my Plus/4 to do’s socketed but think I’ll have a go myself.

Thanks again Jon!


2 responses to “More JiffyDOS upgrades

  1. nice work on that adapter Jon,really professinal. You will think how you survived so many years without JD..wish i had it back in 80’s when i was active on 64.
    Also copying 100+ disks would be nice to have JD back then

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