iOS gaming: Air Attack HD

1942 – probably not a great year as far as history is concerned, but 1942, the Capcom classic arcade shooter most certainly is…..and so is anything else that resembles it right?…erm probably not. In fact, I try to forget all of those shoddy conversions and clones I’ve been suckered into buying over the past 20 odd years..dammit, why does the box art look so good šŸ™‚

1942 – Dodgy looking fake wood panelled hides a real gem of a game. Essential 80’s gaming.


Thankfully today we have the internet and an almost endless supply of reviews, opinions, screenshots and more importantly video. One of my favorites Tube channels is the long running ‘Classic Game Room’ which over the years has introduced me to a whole host of older games and rescently has started uploading tablet gaming reviews.

One of the latest reviews is the rather sweet looking ‘1942’ inspired – Air Attack HD which, more, importantly for IOS retro shooters, now includes iCade support.

1942 was great but Air Attack is simply outstanding. There’s plenty on offer here to keep all schmups fans happy and althougn it doesn’t offer up anything new here, it does contain all the regular ingredients and cake decoration to make one hellava game that’ll show off that iCade you might have received for Christmas…..or need to go out and buy asap šŸ™‚


However without an iCade, Air Attack HD still plays very well with plenty of virtual joystick sensitivity settings to adjust to your liking. I also like the fact that the control aren’t fixed to any one part of the screen so you’re free to move them out of the way if your fingers are obstructing your view in a particular area when the bullets start flying.

ICade control map including dedicated buttons for weapon options.


If I had one criticism, it would be that Air Attack HD appears to be a tad on be easy side. Certainly on the easy setting it’s child’s play and only on medium does it get tricky occasionally. I’m hoping that the hardest setting will make you feel like you’ve earned a glimpse at the next level.

Air Attack HD isn’t native to IOS devices and is available for Android and PC too so if you get the chance, it’s well worth a look.

Here’s the original Classic Game room review-


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