A ‘Wave’ to Ocean Software.

The famous C64 loader routines, huge TV and Movie licensed games, talented coders, artists and musicians producing hit after hit (well, apart from a few duds) Ocean Software had them all and was a trusted brand that kept  many a happy gamer in the days of 8 and 16-bit computers….and broken joysticks – Daley Thompson’s Decathlon and Combat School.

As I was up in Manchester yesterday, and especially as I was attending a retro gaming event,  it seemed only too  fitting to seek out Ocean’s old headquarter’s building and give them a wave.

Armed with the latest and greatest in mapping technology (because without it, I’d probably have ended up somewhere near a real Ocean) it didn’t take me long to find no.6 Central Street.

Like all good things, it had to end one day and sadly Ocean is no more. It was brought by Infogrames in 1996, rebranded and trashed.

As I listened to a playback of Jonathan Dunns Robocop SID track on my iPhone/SID player,  I took a moment to think about all those great games – The early titles such as Hunchback, Transformers & Rambo, the big hit movie releases like Robocop, Batman and The Untouchables, the arcade conversions like Chase HQ, Pang and Operation Wolf and the unique titles like Head over Heals, F-29 Retaliator and Lost Patrol….and trying to forget Dennis the Menace, Cool World and Short Circuit.

I has my iPad with me to I sat on the steps having a look through some old YouTube videos of Ocean software interviews and game footage whenI came across this picture showing some of the staff outside this very same building in 1987. An idea formed!

Ocean Software HQ 1987 – 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of Ocean’s finest at R3play in 2010 <see previous blog post https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/classic-gaming-event-r3play/>

One of the many interviews filmed at R3play 2010.

However unlikely it is, wouldn’t it be great to see them back again. I miss that logo 😦



2 responses to “A ‘Wave’ to Ocean Software.

  1. I miss ocean too! I had a particularly temperamental copy of ‘The Untouchables’, which would fail to load half of the time, but I really didn’t care, because it always made it to the title screen, with that amazing ocean loader music! Martin Galway was an awesome composer and one of my favourites on the c64, coming second only to Rob Hubbard.

  2. Bring back Ocean!

    If I had a soundtrack of my youth, without fail the ocean loaders would have to be part of it. Even today, I’ll always stop to listen to them whenever I hear them.

    Untouchables was a cracking game and on the c64, a swingtastic period soundtrack.

    I also remember cycling a good 10 miles after a phone call from my friend who had just received a brand new Spectrum +3 complete with two games on the ultra fast 3″ floppy disk format (although those 3″ disks were certainly not floppy!) – Untouchables and Robocop kept us entertained for so long I had to stay the night.

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