Pixel run and jump recommendation?

It seems that retro styled indie pixel gaming is fast becoming a very popular amongst gamers not only for their look and sound but also for their pick up and ‘re’-play appeal for both seasoned and casual gamers. It’s a game style I’m really becoming to love, especially the ones involving unstoppable side scrolling speed runs like Canabalt, Gravity Jump, Bit Trip runner and Pixel Jump.

So far, my best score on the c64 port – c64anabalt running via emulation on my iPad. When I reach 500 points I wanted 600, then a 1000, then 2000, it’s Soooo addictive!


Currently I’m enjoying pixel skate too and offers similar gameplay to Canabalts continuous scrolling mechanics as well as a single screen levels. It’s got great pixel styled backdrops, a very funky chip tune that really does sound like a game from the 8 bit day and comedy pixel gore when you mess up a jump.



I’m sure there are dozens more out there wether its iOS, Flash, computer or consoles, homebrew or commercial, i’d love to hear about them. Does anyone have any recommendation?


2 responses to “Pixel run and jump recommendation?

  1. Pixel Skate looks good! I’ll get that.

    One I am very pleased about is Mos Speedrun. While not really in the same vein as Canabalt, it is a fast paced platformer, with fantastic music. If you’ve not seen that one, I definitely recommend it (and there is a Lite version to try).

  2. Hey Kieron,

    Many thanks I’ll certainly take a look at that one. Thanks for the recommendation.


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