What?…..more game tapes?

Another fun filled day working with the chaps at the Retro Computer Museum. Today we were erecting new shelving and moving the software library to their new homes.

I was on Commodore tape, disk and cartridge duty, sorting, stacking and generally reminiscing with the others every-time we came across another classic game.


The boxes kept on a coming as the shelves began to fill three deep.


Zx spectrum tapes.


Always nice to see and photograph some of the Ultimate games together. Most of our collections for other platforms are complete but our BBC micro collection is missing a few.


We’ve also started to add a few items to the new display cabinets.



I just love this, such a daft item for a portable gaming console and always makes me smile.

Ultimate pimped Gameboy πŸ™‚


After lunch and a little later into the afternoon we had a chap arrive with a rather large boot full of Atari goodies including a fully boxed Mega ST with external harddrive units. They might need a bit of tweaking but they’ll make a great addition to the museum. I must admit, always being an Amiga user I’m not overly familiar with the Atari 16 bit computers, especially the Mega variants. I only have a lone Atari ST520 myself. Maybe at the beginning of February when we host our members gaming day, I’ll spend a little bit more time getting to know these pro models a bit better.


All work and no fun so we spent the next few hours doing what we love the most – Retro Gaming. I was found lurking on the C64, Tangerine Oric, TI99a and MSX (I have a soft spot for Penguin Adventure) as multiple vs. bouts of Soul Caliber on the Dreamcast.

Jim, after upteen attempts to get it to load, was determined to show us that he Amstrad CPC464 version of Outrun is actually quite good….and it certainly did look promising until it started to move…..at approx one frame per second. Nice try Jim πŸ™‚



3 responses to “What?…..more game tapes?

  1. You’d be a welcome visitor too mate.

    The first time i went to one of the Retro Computer Museums gaming events i nearly fell over. Sooo many cool toys.

    Is there nothing similar to where you are?

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