IOS Gaming: C64anabalt on iPad.

I just can’t get enough of furiously addictive indie game – Canabalt and although the original release is a great game, it’s last years homebrew port to the Commodore 64, dubbed c64anabalt I keep returning to over and over again.

If you have an EasyFlash cartridge i’m sure you’ve already tried this out for yourself but if not it’s well worth heading over to RGCD to download a copy of the .crt image flash the cart. If not you can always download and run the .d64 image in a C64 emulator like Vice or Frodo or indeed for actual play on the C64, how about purchasing a standalone C64anabalt cartridge?

… for a quick Canabalt fix, you can also play the original directly within your internet browser at

For IOS devices it’s out on the app store too but as i wanted to play a portable c64 version on my iPad, i’ve opted to transfer it myself run it via Manomio’s IOS C64 emulator.

There isn’t any C64 cover art available for the game so I thought I’d make my own using an image from a Google search a basic title i added with Photoshop.

This was resized and then saved at a .png image, added to a Canabalt folderon my desktop including a custom. plist file and the game image – for this I’ve used the .d64 release by Onslaught which contains both the Encore and Ghormak.

Finally, using iExplorer i copied the folder over to my iPad.

Emulator loaded and game menu.


Game file loaded.


Perfect game for the iPad touchscreen, simply tap to jump.



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