Retro Gamer Magazine #98

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Christmas edition of Retro Gamer magazine arrived (which I’ve still yet to finish) and then the next issue hits the store….and then kindly picked up by Curstie for me. Of course, who’s complaining, because as always it’s chock full of all the good stuff us nostalgic gamers love to read about. I’m not too sure about this months cover art though….hmmm, not their finest.


As fan of the series (who isn’t?) I’m looking forward to reading the cover feature – The Making of Metal Slug’ as well as the complete history of Sega’s Space Harrier, a look back at the final days of Imagine software (which incidentally, I’ve been reading about their demise in vintage 1984 editions of Crash Magazine), a look at the battery sucking Sega GameGear (back in the day i chose this handheld over the Atari Lynx and always regretted it), and finally what looks to be a cracking Homebrew section this month.

Not long now until issue #100!

Is anyone reading the iPad digital edition of RG? What do you think?


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