Putting my Commodore 128 back together.

After a relaxing morning pottering around in the garden and having removed last years wilting lily pads from the ice cold water of the pond, I retreated to the warmth inside and spent an hour putting my Commodore 128 computer back together again after received the repaired main board back from my friend Jon – see blog post <https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/commodore-vc20-and-128-repaired-and-returned/

It’s been about a year since I last used my Commodore 128 and am looking forward to seeing it running again after all this time. There wasn’t many native 128k games released for this computer and I’ve always played Commodore 64 games on it in c64 mode. I’m hoping with my SD2iec board to try out some of those expanded 128 games.


The outer case, keyboard and heat shield have been stored away since dismantling my 128 last summer for a clean and Retrobright session as it was turning yellow with age. After giving the case another wipe and leaving to dry I unwrapped the main board.


Home again.


I’d previously removed each key/spring from the keyboard to clean the plastic and RetroBrite the keys. Sadly, I’d not done this until later in the day one summer’s day and so the RetroBrite hasn’t worked as well as my previous attempts with other computers. Prolonged exposure to unbroken sunshine for approx 4-5 hours is the key to success. No matter though, come this summertime I’ll do it again and let them sunbathe all day.

This is going to take a while, glad I’ve got reference picture!

Top tip, start with the keys that have metal fixing bars like the Space Bar, Enter and Return keys as they can be easier to fit when you don’t have the other keys getting in the way.


Keyboard fitted and with increased contrast in the picture below you can really see how yellowed some of the keys are. Not nice is it!


Weird how some keys aren’t effected though.


Keyboard fitted to the top panel and connected to the main board along with the power LED.


…..and sadly, when connected and ready for switching on, it appears that my power supply unit is faulty too 😦 I’ve changed the mains fuse but with no clue how to fix a faulty PSU it’ll have to wait until I can source a new replacement. The PSU remains cold when connected to the mains and omits no faint buzz like most other Commodore power bricks.

So close but nevermind, I’ll try again soon – to be continued 🙂


2 responses to “Putting my Commodore 128 back together.

  1. For around £30 earth pounds you/I can buy the parts needed to make a working replacement up. Doing this will also give you over voltage protection so you won’t damage the board should it die which is what the originals did.
    I’m not sure what the original supply case looks like but I put mine in an old Amiga one and it also has the output for a C64 too (optional)

  2. Interesting Jon, veeeery interesting! I’d forgot you’d built your own. The psu case practically looks like an Amiga brick.

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