Retro Gaming Radio is back

Great news, Shane R Monroe is back again and producing Retro Gaming Radios’ monthly podcasts. Actually, since August so its probably all old news to many!

His last show was in 2008 and was an avid listener for a number of years since introduction via the spot Shane had in early editions of Retro Gamer magazine. It was his show that not only kicked started my love of podcasts (thus introducing me to great tech shows like the TWiT podcasts and Internet shows like DL.TV and subsequently shows hosted at Revision3) but also rekindled my love of classic gaming…and ever decreasing storage space as I fill it with all manner of old tech crap πŸ™‚ this reintroduction to retro gaming also brought me to the Retro Computer Museum and the meeting of many dear friends that share this wonderful hobby.

His podcast also introduced me to my first portable mp3 player and through the limitations of that first device led me on the path of forever tinkering around with gadgets, home made projects and open source solutions.

All that from one Internet show πŸ™‚

I may not always agree with Shane’s comments and opinions but the guy certainly knows how to put together an entertaining show with great content and interviews with some of the pioneers of video gamings alumni.

Already there’s a few shows available for download so, brew up, get yourself comfy, grab some more if that festive chocolate and listen to some yank going on about how invented the podcast πŸ™‚ Seriously, enjoy!


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