Commodore VC20 and 128 repaired and returned.

Thanks to my good friend and fellow RCM’er Jon over at Jamma Arcade who has not only repaired my non booting german Commodore VC20 I brought a few month back but has also breathed new life back into my faulty Commodore 128!


The VC20 has had a new VIC chipped fitted as if you recall, on previous boot up all I’d get was a blank white screen. I’m keen to get this computer up and running as my other VIC-20, although is in working condition, appears to have a faulty serial socket so I can’t use it with my SD2iec device.

The VC20 has a very aged yellow outer case so come the sunshine, this will be restored to it’s former whiter colour with a few RetroBrite sessions.

My C128 was booting into monitor mode and after diagnostic, Jon found one of the MOS CIA chips to be faulty. I can’t wait to get this up and running again and after RetroBriting the c128 case during last summer, it’s all looking as good as new and in a very nice condition (although the keys could do with another session).

It’s currently in bits stored away but I’ll be rebuilding it this weekend and so I’ll post a few more pictures…assuming they’ve survived transit?

The third item in the parcel made me smile. It’s a revised 28 – 24 pin JiffyDos adaptor for the old style C64. Are we calling this Mk-II Jon?

Check out the customisation 🙂


I can’t thank you enough for these Jon, especially my C128, I didn’t think it would live again! You’ve also rekindled my interest in electronics again so will be following your Spectrum 48k composite mod tutorial soon.


5 responses to “Commodore VC20 and 128 repaired and returned.

  1. i guess it could be mk-ii, there is a mk-iii on the cards too now that ive got double sided stuff just about sorted which also has nice pads for soldering wires onto and pins that will actually fit into a socket without stretching.
    If I were you I wouldnt bother using that adapter.

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