Air Swimmer – Clown Fish test flight.

Christmas Day has come and gone and what a wonderful two days its been with family and friends. Here on the 27th, and after a weekend of visits and parties it’s time to chill out and a chance to investigate all of those cool toys (and consume copious amounts of chocolate) that we’ve received.

This Air Swimmer was a gift we brought our niece and after borrowing it yesterday to show our other niece and nephews we thought we’d give it one final flight before returning it to it’s rightful owner.

These things are amazing, take one giant helium filled balloon, strap on some fins and a tail (motor), a remote counter balance and you have yourself an Air Swimmer.

The instructions might be a little confusing at first (or am i getting old) but once it’s up it’s a breeze to fly with the remote control. Left/Right button wags it’s tail providing momentum and the dive/climb button moves the counterweight under the fish’s belly to lower its nose and tail.

Have a look at the Shark model and scare someone silly 🙂


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