iOS retro gaming: iMame

Now here’s something special for the holiday season that us iOS retro gamers have been waiting for. iMame the port of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) has bizarrely appeared on the Apple App store as a free download! You can even side load your own classic game roms without having to jailbreak your iOS device! Arcade-Tastic!

Obviously with something like this, It’s not going to be on the app store for long so i’d download it now whilst you can.

As well as the game roms, (which I’m sure you know where to get them), you will need a copy of iExplorer installed on your PC to transfer the files to the iMame/documents folder on your iOS device. I’ve posted about this great little program a few posts ago regarding transferring ZX Spectrum games to the ios Spectrum emulator so you might want to check that out.

Here’s the iMame front end including the few legal roms bundled with the app and a few that I’ve added myself for testing 😉


On my iPad2 the emulation is spot on and so far have been playing full screen/full speed arcade classics like Double Dragon, Galaga and Gorf.

There’s a huge amount of configurable options for both landscape and portrait mode as well as a host of control options including setting 2,4 or 8 way analogue/digital sticks and from one to six fire buttons.


Everyone’s favourite side scrolling brawler Final Fight played in portrait half size mode.



Double Dragon in fullscreen landscape mode.


Pressing the start and coin button simultaneously within a game brings up the familiar Mame console menu giving you even greater options for the emulator and rom.


…and the best bit that just blow my retro gaming socks off – iMame has support for the iCade arcade cabinet…


….which so happens to be on sale at our local PC World store at the moment.

So…where do you think I went before heading off to work this morning? 🙂

As an extra bonus, the store assistant offered me the iCade at the web exclusive price too so I saved myself £30.

I’m actually going to resist the urge to setup the iCade straight away and instead wait Christmas day….hopefully 🙂

Don’t forget, download iMame for your ipad or iphone ASAP, it won’t be up for long!


4 responses to “iOS retro gaming: iMame

  1. …and already gone from apple store…
    Just installed ios 5 yesterday and downloaded it, and ll jailbreak my device if i need to reinstall it for sure…

  2. Wow, gone already! That was faster than I thought. Mind you, it spread quickly over the Internet like wildfire.

  3. Does that actually work? Simply copying over an ipa file? Do you have to have a jail broken device?

    Very curious!

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