For Bassim – ZX Spectrum games on iPad

I received a comment on my blog from Bassim the other day who’s been having difficulty getting two ZX spectrum games running on iPad via Spectaculator so I thought I’d have a go myself and see if I could get them running.

I’ve not heard of either of the games – Special Operations by Lothlorien or Terrormolinos by Melbourne house but a quick read up on the World of Spectrum website shows them as two vintage adventure games. I also found .tzx game images for download.

I created one folder for each game and named the folder exactly the same as the game file name including the file extension. So for example, my folders where named Terrormolinos!.tzx and Special Operations.tzx. This bit is important, if you name the folder anything else other than the name of the game file, the game won’t load.

With the games downloaded, I created a config file for each game and noting that the games are for the 48k Speccy, I set the config file to use the 48k model for emulation by adding the line –

model 1

As both games are keyboard driven, I’ve also added the line to disable the virtual joystick, although I suspect it doesn’t really matter if it’s added or not –

joysticktype 0

I’ve also added icon and artwork .png images to be game folders and finally transferred both folders over to my iPad with iExplorer.

Here’s the first game, Terrormolinos. Looks promising.


Yay! It works.




Here’s Special Operations


This is actually quite a cool game, can see me spending a bit of time with this one!


I hope these notes might help Bassim?, if not, come back to me and we’ll try to figure it out or I’ll send you the files.

Incidentally, I’m running version 2.0.0 of ZX Spectaculator.


3 responses to “For Bassim – ZX Spectrum games on iPad

  1. Perfect! What a top man. My faith in human nature is rekindled!! Many thanks and humble gratitudes from Fulham!

  2. Hmm – Special Operations – a great game! But I never worked out how to finish a mission… You had to rendezvous with an aircraft, but I could never do that. Have you been able to complete an objective?

  3. If you ever find any tips out on special operations please post them. It’s a great game but how you survive in the compound or what you use some of the skills for I will never know. Keep up the good work.

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