Retro Gamer Magazine #97 – Xmas edition

Judging by the latest YouTube preview video, this months (christmas) edition of Retro Gamer Magazine is looking to be the perfect read over the holidays. In particular I’m looking forward to the articles regarding the C64 version of Aztec Challenge (a title I’ve been revisiting a lot just lately), the hardware feature on the Atari Lynx handheld (must get myself one, one day), the StarWars trilogy on the SNES and most of all, the feature on the making of Zzap64 Magazine. All wrapped up with a festive Oli Frey cover – Perfect!


Oh, and great news about the release of a third volume of Retro Gamer magazines in digital format. You can’t beat a hard copy of the mag, but having 50 or so issues in PDF format on my NAS drive and accessible to read on my iPad anywhere where i’m connected is veryhandy.

Here’s a link to the preview of issue #97


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