Commodore Free #57 – Christmas

Whoa, nearly missed this one as i wasn’t expecting a release so shortly after issue 56. Yep, Commodore Free, the hugely popular Commodore ezine is out again with a Christmas special and as always is loaded with all things Commodore.


This month there’s a look back at unpopular C64GS console and the pack in games, latest news including Commodore OS Vision, a look at the latest homebrew games and much much more. As always, it’s available in a variety of formats from the CF homepage

Reading the article on the C64GS reminded me of the time I brought on of these not long after it bombed and was being sold at a bargain price of just £29.99. Even at this price, it still didn’t provide any thrills as a gaming device compared to the arcade conversions I was used to playing on the Sega Master System. Of the four bundled games, only Fiendish Freddy and Flimbos Quest were any good. Tetris yes, but Klax, I just didn’t like and International soccer!…oh dear, it looked like something belonging to the Atari 2600 and not for a new gaming gaming console.

I only added two more game titles to my GS collection, Ocean’s Chase HQ 2 and Robocop 2 before ditching it in favour of more Master System games. Sadly, my console is long gone and I only have the games cartridges and White Annihilator joystick remaining. Nowadays GS systems are highly sought after by collectors and presently, there’s a couple on eBay with Buy Now prices enough to make me wish I’d brought more of them all if those years ago 🙂



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