Fortress of Narzod released for C64

Thanks to fellow RCM’er Mike for the heads up on a collection of new games thats been released the other day for the Commodore 64. All of the titles below are entries for the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Development Competition.

Blok Copy
C64 Anabalt
Fortress of Narzod
Get Em
Jar’s Revenge
Panic Analogue
Rong – Pong
Space Lords
The Mollusk
Wolly Jumpers (16kb version)

Being a Vectrex/Narzod fan, that third game on the list will be the first one I’ll be checking out. The YouTube vids shows that this looks be a be a great conversion.

For more information and links to download the games in cartridge and .bin format, checkout out RGCD –

Time to warm up the Easyflash cartridge 🙂


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