DIY Retro Dual Stick Controller – PART 2

Right time to put the sticks into a case and as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve found the perfect item to use for it.



Yep, it might look like a standard office box file, but you’d be wrong,this is actually a custom dual stick case….honest 🙂

Firstly we have the custom camouflage paintwork which perfectly suits our tank busting antics with Atari’s Battlezone.


We then have the sturdy plastic side panels to keep everything from crumpling into a cardboard mess when the action intensifies. Also note the smooth curved edging for comfort whilst playing 🙂


We also have the prefabricated ‘service hole’ where one can poke ones USB cable through.


…and to top it off, we have a flip lid giving instant access to the components inside and easy maintenance as well as a push button lock for security…..em?

O.k, so it’s a box file, but with all the ‘features’ listed above, you can kinda imagine what I was thinking when I saw it.

First job, cut to holes for the joysticks to poke through. A sharp craft knife was used here as the cardboard was thicker than I thought and way too much for my poor old scissors.


Joysticks positioned and loose cables tie wrapped out of the way. The Keyrah interface will sit inside the case with the USB cable threaded though the hole in the front.


I needed something inside the case for the joysticks to rest on as the case was a little too deep for them. For this, I’ve used one of my heavy gardening books which not provides weight and stability, it also a smooth glossy surface for the joystick sucker pads to attach to and stops them from slipping around. I was still about 1cm short so, keeping it Retro, a copy of Amiga Format magazine from January 1993 filled the gap quite nicely.


The last job was to cover the joystick holes, so I cut two black circles out of a magazine cover and wrapped these around the joystick base.

Here it is – my oh so cheaper than a cheap thing, retro dual stick controller 🙂 Who needs Steel Battalion 🙂



Setup with my PC.


Mame32 and Battlezone.


3 responses to “DIY Retro Dual Stick Controller – PART 2

  1. Old Amiga magazines makes a nice monitor stand for old-school monitors without a stand. 😉 I remember people did that years ago. Would not consider it today, as I’m very careful with my precious magazines. 😀

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