RCM Gaming event Nov ’11 – video

A quick walk around at the Retro Computer Museum gaming event yesterday when the crowds had all but left for the day. It’s a bit wobbly but is gives you an idea on what was was on offer to play over the weekend.



11 responses to “RCM Gaming event Nov ’11 – video

  1. Hi StiGGy,

    Nice video!

    I spotted a Nintendo Virtual Boy there. Those are quite rare. Never tried one unfortunately. 😦 Were people interested in it?

    Also noticed an Amiga 1200 running Superfrog. 🙂 That was nice to see.

    It was like retro-heaven there with everything from Amstrad’s to Amiga’s.

  2. Hey there, thanks a lot. Yeah it was a great event, ans figures showing that this was the most succesful we’ve held. Lots of new faces to and chatted with many of them.

    The Virtual Boy did indeed get quite a lot of attention…and quite a few stuck cartridge dust covers too but fellow RCM’er Jon was on hand to fish them out.

    That particular A1200 is pimped with a Blizzard, CF HDD and WHDLoad. Lots of great games installed but sadly not enough time for a sensi soccer matchup.

  3. I’m not sure to be honest, prob a 030. My own a1200 is still stock. I’m not really fussed about acceleration but would love some more ram for whdload. One day!

  4. I’ve actually sold my turbo-card, so my Amiga 1200 is stock as well. 😉 Works fine for most tasks, but like you say, some fast-RAM for WHD-Load would be great. Turbo-cards aren’t cheap though. Still expensive so many years after they were made.

  5. Yes, that should help quite a bit. 🙂 If I stumble accross a cheap card, I’ll give you a sign.

    What I want most of all is an SX32 expansion for my CD32 though.. those are awesome, but incredibly rare.

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