Art of Oli Frey

Back in the 80’s the most popular home computers here in the uk were the Commodore 64, the ZX Spectrum and the Amstrad CPC 464 and each respective format was covered by various gaming magazines. By far the most popular of these were those produced by Newsfield publications like Zzap64, Crash and Amtix and as a Commodore user myself, my monthly tipple was Zzap64. Although each magazine catered for just one system (or systems from one brand) all had one thing in common, those gorgeous cover paintings by artist Oliver Frey which for many, including myself, would be the sole reason to buy the magazine and today offers an eye candy nostalgic trip back to the days of 8-bit gaming.

The Fantasy Art of Oliver Frey is a book containing many of Oli’s finest work including covers from all those magazines which are presented without logos and cover graffiti.


The book is written by Roger Keen, editor of Crash magazine and focuses on Oli’s artwork during the 1980s and 90s with the first 40 odd pages containing a biography of the man himself.

You don’t see much of this these days, giant computers made to look like spaceships or computer innards drawn at futuristic cityscapes but they were quite common back in the day and a subject I’ll always be drawn too.


Two of my most favorite covers are included in the book. The first, from Zzap64 magazine #30 as part of their ‘Shoot ’em up construction kit’ cover feature.



..and the second is from Crash magazine #5


..which so happens to be my current iPad wallpaper 🙂


Oli also produced many some drop dead gorgeous game and inlays including the every popular Thalamus games.


… as well as artwork for various posters that were included into special editions of various computer magazines.

Commodore Force poster.


Another one of my favourites and again, back on to the theme of computer hardware depicted In fantasy scenes. This Quikshot II joystick has never looked so mean!


A few weeks ago, the annual Replay gaming event was held in Blackpool and amongst this years on VIPs was the man himself. Sadly I couldn’t attend this year but my good friend Mike was kind enough to pick up a copy of his book for me. I met up with Mike yesterday at RCM and he’d brought it down for me.

Page one contained a lovely surprise too! Thank you Mike 🙂


A Great book that just got even better and will be a prized edition on my bookshelf. Highly recommend you check out this book or indeed Oli Frey’s website where you can browse his galleries and even purchase an original.


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