Retro Computer Museum Gaming Weekend Nov ’11

This weekend RCM held it’s second of this years gaming weekends and unlike previous events, this was held at another museum at The Snibston Discovery park in Leicester.

Sadly I couldn’t attend on Saturday but it was all on fun all day on Sunday and once again a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and to meet new faces…and it was great to see so manynew faces.

All in all we had about 60 systems setup for play including firm favourites like the Commodore’s Spectrums, Amstrads, Nintendo’s and Sega’s.


It was also an opportunity to let folk try out some of the more unique systems too, some of them I haven’t seen myself in ages. Like the Enterprise 128, Commodore SX64 & Campus Lynx.


…and various modded systems like this Amstrad 6128 with modern SD based floppy drive adaptor


Yay, finally got to play Dingo the way it was meant to be played!


Paul and Woody checking out a selection on classic handhelds. Just off shot is the Sega Nomad….and is on my ‘one day, I’ll own’ list.


Is now becoming an event ritual, Soul Calibur compo on the Sega Dreamcast with Dave and Soph. Still got my ass whooped and even Duncan left me battered and bruised.


Someone enjoying my Vectrex…and very good atbSkramble he was too.


An unlikely match but two great systems side by side. The Oric was playing my favourite – Defence Force but I didn’t have time to see if I could beat my own high score. I couldn’t bear to see my name on the top score…so of course, that needed to rectified 😉





Such a great day and thank to Jon, Mike, Andy, Steve and Richard, I’ve brought back plenty of cool bits n bobs to play with.

There’s still so much to be done at RCM HQ but next year we plan to hold more smaller/regular meets as well as our twice yearly events. Great days to be a retro gamer!


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