River Raid – Carol Shaw

If you think of great games for the Atari 2600 games, then there’s a very good possibility that Activision’s River Raid is included….if not, why not 🙂 This early scrolling shooter is such a large part of many retro gamers gaming history and indeed retro gaming history itself. This wonderful interview posted on VCG with River Raid games designer Carol Shaw, is both entertaining and an insightful look back at early years of Atari and Activision.




3 responses to “River Raid – Carol Shaw

  1. River Raid! That’s a classic for sure. I had this game for my old MSX computer. I remember it as a lot of fun, but I didn’t play it as much as Salamander. 😉

    Thanks for posting a link to the interview.

  2. I’ve not really played many MSX games and is something I want to look at soon. I do however play that funny/addictive ‘penguin’ game at the Retro Computer Museum from time to time. Penguin Adventure?

  3. Yes, I believe that is correct. Classic game from Konami (they’ve made a lot of cool stuff in my opinion..). There was also another game with a penguin called Booty, but I might be mistaken. Think I had it on a compilation disk.

    My MSX computer is a SVI Spectravideo with a 3.5″ floppy disk drive (wow!) and an external tape-drive. Even got an official carrying case for it, even though I don’t bring it around much.. hehe..

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